How to Hire the Right Sales Team

Have you ever hired someone that had the perfect job history experience, great sales and communication skills, and was a dream candidate in their interview, only to find their performance not matching up to your expectations?

The trouble with hiring the ideal sales people is that more often than not the hiring decision is based on educational background, prior experience, prior performance, personality, and a subjective view of how they will fit in with the rest of the sales team. While these are important pre-requisites to making a hire, they ignore the key behaviors or competencies that drive success.

If you haven't already discovered, creating great sales team members is often less about past performance than about their work ethic, drive and dedication. You want someone who is going to have superior planning and organizational skills, is self-motivated, has a high level of integrity, is confident and has excellent interpersonal skills. It's hard to know if a candidate checks all the boxes on your "ultimate employee" checklist by asking a few static questions.

Rather, as sales leaders, it is essential to probe further and ask them to describe situations where they have demonstrated their skills or behaviors, the specific actions they took, and the results they achieved.

Furthermore, to help them be successful in your business, selling your products, it is imperative they have the proper systems and tools they can draw upon so as to be seen as a trusted and knowledgeable advisor.

We don't send doctors into the ER without proper training, so nor should we expect that a sales person qualified for their previous job has the right tools for this job. Online sales training courses from Insight Human Dynamics helps break bad sales habits and teaches new behaviors that can break barriers and help them to achieve new levels of success.

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