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In the sales world, employee turnover is often high. As a business owner who utilizes a job recruiter or has an in-house HR department, it’s easy to wonder if those tasked with doing the hiring are the problem or if the issue is with the employee themselves. It may be a little of one and a lot of the other, or it may be that the employee didn’t receive the proper training and support needed to be successful in their role. More times than not, this is the issue.

The long-term success of your employees, and your business as a whole, is dependent on the interview process. Hiring the wrong people for the wrong positions is a lose-lose situation every time. Increase the odds of hiring the right people by implementing these successful hiring tactics: 

Team Effort — Include a few colleagues in the interview process to help best tell how well someone will fit into your organization’s culture and understand its goals. Invite your sales manager, a team supervisor and a high-performing member of your current sales team.

Stick With a Plan — Once you’ve found a successful hiring process, stick with the plan. Winging it never works. Know what skills and attributes your best salespeople have and look for those qualities in your candidates. Relying on an exact set of criteria that has produced a successful sales team will help cut sales-staff turnover.

Assess the Situation — The right assessment given at the right stage of the interview process can alleviate hiring the wrong candidate. Sales force assessments are used for recruiting, hiring, and team building within an organization. So whether your goal is to hire the right person, or retrain your staff with the tools and knowledge needed to connect with the client at any phase of the sales process, Insight Human Dynamics assessments can cater the mix of assessments to your individual situation.

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