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Business today is more competitive than ever.

Whether you are a business owner, a salesperson, a sales manager, an inside salesperson, or someone in a support role, you know that you need to create a predictable revenue stream.  

No one likes to be "sold,"  yet most love to "buy".  And when you try to "sell,"  you feel like you are in a conundrum.  

What is the answer?

Simply put, you need to change your mindset about the conversations you have with potential clients.

Sleazy sales scripts and endless cold calls are not the answer.  

There IS a better way!

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After working with John and his Insight HD training, our sales team was filled with optimism.  Since then, our ability to win new business has been nothing short of phenomenal.  John's knowledge, experience and common sense approach to selling have definitely been major contributing factors in our continued success.  I wholeheartedly recomend IHD to other companies who are searching for a better, more profitable way to do business.  My thanks to John and his company-we could'nt have done it without them.  


Rick Jones

President, COO, Creative Director

Scott-McRea Advertising, Inc.

Mike Schwartz

VP Insurance Office of America

When I met John in 2005, I had just joined IOA, and was a true greenhorn in the commercial insurance world.  Prospects were using me for quotes, and I had no idea why I was not closing business.  I was hesitant to call on new clients and big accounts and had no idea how to improve.  It felt like I was on a treadmill, destined to makes $75,000 for the rest of my life.  

John's Insight system changed all of that. IHD's questioning techniques and coaching helped me understand the prospect's decision making process, and enabled me to "get to the truth" much faster.  John helped me turn a painful process into one of the great joys of my life!

The training gave me the confidence to eventually win some very large accounts. I am now one of the vendors for a huge nationally franchised home cleaning company.  It has also allowed me to manage the group benefits account of Florida's largest property management company. 

Today, the large accounts that I am able to work with have given me an income beyond my wildest dreams.  Follow John's program and the sky is the limit for your business!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

IHD and John's help definitely pushed my business to the next level.  By focusing on the sales process, and the psychology behind the sale, I learned how to better qualify prospects, weed out "tire kickers", non-decision makers, and time wasters.

Insight training enabled me to spend  my time with real live decision makers and create a reliable sales forecast.  Instead of selling "products and features" I focused on mutually beneficial solutions.  Bottom line? Insight training works! It will save you time, and make you money.  I highly recommend it.

John Koerner

President, Koerner Ltd

Agent- Weinig Group USA

Hardwood Processing Machinery Worldwide

I was referred to John by a close friend and business owner to optimize my business development process.  I had owned B&H Tool for over 25 years and was tired of responding to RFP’s that cost me thousands of dollars and never seemed to result in a sale. We design and build custom plastic extrusion heads for a number of industries.  After working with John and adopting his process, our business grew much faster and became more profitable. We no longer spend thousands of dollars chasing bids that we have no idea if we have even a chance at winning the business.  We develop long term mutually beneficial relationships as partners with our clients. Best investment that I have made!

- Peter Neville, President of B&H Tool Co. 

Maybe Insight Human Dynamics is right for your company, or maybe it's not.  Wouldn't you really like to know for sure?

Would it be a good idea to schedule a call to see if there is something to talk about?

We have no idea whether our system and training would be a good fit for your situation.  YOU are the only one who can make that decision.  

What have you tried to reliably forecast your revenues, grow your business the right way, and increase your margins?  How many sales people and managers have you hired and lost?  How many on the team were not managed properly?  

Maybe you are the business owner and doing ALL of the selling, but is that scalable? Is there a better use of your time to grow your business?

Why don't we start with a 15 minute, no obligation, conversation.  If it lasts any longer it will be your fault, not mine.  

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